Let the ascension begin…

The date of my first public match has changed to April 19th 2020 and still against Raphael James…..the ascension of the King of Demons Jensen Ryan will take place and the fall of Raphael James will happen.

Its been a journey of transformation, realisation and learning. My move set has increased and im ready to hit the wrestling scene with a bang.

Intrigue, mystery, atmosphere are all things I will bring to the ring each and every time.

I’ll keep you up to date with all the match details as I prepare. But make no mistake about it Raphael James, you will be shrouded in the mystery of Jensen Ryan and the quick pace will be one you cant keep up with.

The truth of the matter is that Raphael will become one of my legions of followers and when i hit my finisher ‘Hells journey’ you will fall victim to me, the King of Demons Jensen Ryan.

I keep saying it and I mean it, the result will be 1-0 to me!

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