Breaking character for this post which is something important to me and I hope people read and take something from.

Last year I ventured into the wrestling world after being a fan for many years but for me it was a personal challenge.

For many years I have suffered from mental health problems for lots of reasons but one of the biggest ones and still is is body image.

Now I know that men often don’t admit this but they should! Taking tops off in front of people and even in front of mirrors can be a challenge because you are constantly criticising yourself and that, in turn, affect eating habits and having an addiction to exercise and so much more even down to what you wear.

All of these issues continue to affect me and it’s fair to say that sometimes it can be hard for others to understand. Yes, im not overweight but how others see you is how you do.

So for me, images like the ones I have posted in wrestling attire took a lot to build the confidence to do. At last count the first one was deleted at least four times!

There have been many who have put me down over the years, bullied and to those people, you should always remember that you don’t know that goes on inside of someone.

But know that I do work hard, I help others and actually I always try to do the best for everyone and that those comments or beliefs you have that are negative, are wrong and it’s because you didn’t or don’t know me.

To sum this up, those comments and actions have affected how I feel about my body image but i won’t let it stop me from doing this and all the great work we have done with supernatural tours either.

Be nice to each other, remember that your actions can affect others even if you can’t see it! So get to know someone!

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