Keeping active in lockdown!

Lock down is right now and no doubt many of us are thinking of things to do to get us through what is an essential duty to protect the lives of others and to help ease the pressure on the already fantastic work carers and the NHS are doing.

Firstly, lets all make sure we are doing our part by doing what the NHS and Government ask. It is so vital to do this to help everyone and saves lives.

Spending time indoors can be hard. Those who know me know that I dont like sitting around, im very much an active person who enjoys the gym, keeping fit, wrestling and generally keeping busy.

But there are still options. Take some time throughout the day to do some exercises from your own home. Look around your home and you will see so many things you can use to lift instead of weights and use a space like a front room or garden just to get that in.

So what will I be doing?All of the above of course. I have exercise equipment upstairs but the other thing to consider is how you keep motivated. Set goals, set challenges and do what you need to do!

Each lunch time I will do some basic exercises and then in the evening use the gym equipment to workout and use the one exercise slot we can do outside the house to walk the dog.

I’m making a commitment a challenge to keep fit in all the innovative ways I can and to do a six pack challenge too! Ill keep you updated via my Facebook page and social media in the hope you too can be inspired.

We will all get through this together and when its time to get back in the ring and start to wrestle again I will be ready! and that will also come through studying whilst the wrestling lessons cant happen.

Join me in my mission and lets keep everyone positive throughout a challenging time!

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