Fitness, ambitions and goals

So lock down continues (and rightfully so) but the question is , what are you doing to keep motivated. No wrestling , no gym and so you gotta do what you can. My aim has been to keep fit for several years now and that doesn’t stop. But whats the key to it? Stay focused, […]

The King of Demons…

Lock down continues but the journey still continues. So, why am I the King of Demons? What’s it at all about? Well, eventually you will find out when I get in the ring because those who know me know I have worked in the supernatural and encountered some of the most strangest unexplained experiences you […]

Thoughts on Wrestlemania

So this years Wrestlemania has been widely debated. Should it have been postponed, should it gone ahead? Well, it certainly went ahead and fair to play final those involved! I admit that I was a little unsure of it going ahead, though on reflection I’m glad it did. So what were the highlights for me? […]

Social media…give me a follow…

I have finally launched my social media pages and I need you to join! Find out all the latest, get involved, watch videos and do more! Lock down is still on going but that wont stop me in my quest to take on the UK wrestling scene. Please support me on the links below: Twitter: […]

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