Thoughts on Wrestlemania

So this years Wrestlemania has been widely debated. Should it have been postponed, should it gone ahead?

Well, it certainly went ahead and fair to play final those involved! I admit that I was a little unsure of it going ahead, though on reflection I’m glad it did.

So what were the highlights for me? I personally preferred night 1 but I actually think two nights is a good idea or at least keeping it on a Saturday.

The ladder match on night 1 was pretty good. It can’t have been easy to pull that off in an empty arena. But it seemed to work well.

Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens was pretty decent! Owens jump from above made that match. I like Seth Rollins as a heel but I think the messiah gimmick is a bit ott!

Goldberg, maybe a legend to some and no denying he looks great but the 5 minutes matches just make it all so pointless. It’s about time Braun won the top title, let’s just hope it’s not short lived!

Night two, yes I agree Edge v Orton was long but it was entertaining. It was more attitude styled than most which is what we all cry out for. I thought it was a strong match.

So I wasn’t sure what the fire fly funhouse match was going to be, I’m not sure I still understand but it was weird, unique, odd and entertaining with plenty of references to the past which I liked. My thoughts are that cena asked to lose to push Wyatt but I think he made the right choice.

Thankfully McIntyre won! Anyone who knows me knows im no Lesnar fan. Drew deserved it, he worked hard, he overcame rejection and it paid off! WWE keep building on that.

Sure there are some Lesnar fans but personally im bored of seeing this boring overstated persona they portray. Suplex city isn’t entertaining and it’s too predictable. Lesnar great in UFC and that’s where I hope he goes.

Saving the best til last. The boneyard match! Yes it was highly produced, yes it cinematic but it was awesome! As a huge undertaker fan I was worried! The last few years haven’t been the best but he proved all the critics wrong this time!

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the badass gimmick I think it was the right choice for this match! Taker proved that age means nothing! He smashed it, he was on top of his game and he showed why he is the legend he is.

The match ended with the Taker music we all know and love before riding off with the undertaker logo in the background.

Is this the end of the undertakers career? Truth is, we don’t know but if it was it was an amazing send off!

So to end, was I glad Wrestlemania continued? In the end it provided some great entertainment in a difficult time.

As long as all those involved are safe, then yes, I’m glad it went ahead!

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