The King of Demons…

Lock down continues but the journey still continues. So, why am I the King of Demons? What’s it at all about?

Well, eventually you will find out when I get in the ring because those who know me know I have worked in the supernatural and encountered some of the most strangest unexplained experiences you could ever see.

But those experiences have lead me down a path, a path that allowed me to become the King of Demons. I defied the odds, I took on the greatest challenge and I won. This is who I am.

Let me make this clear. I am here to win, I am here to take on any challenges that come my way and I dont get scared and I dont back down.

I am a dark enigma, I am a man shrouded in mystery and I am the man who controls the demons and i’ll being a presence to the ring that you have never experienced before.

Dont believe me? Just wait and see!

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