Fitness, ambitions and goals

So lock down continues (and rightfully so) but the question is , what are you doing to keep motivated. No wrestling , no gym and so you gotta do what you can.

My aim has been to keep fit for several years now and that doesn’t stop. But whats the key to it? Stay focused, aim for goals.

On most days I go for a run to kick start my day. But now the sun is shining its become more of a mission to dodge the people.

Back at home I have so weights, gym stuff and each morning and for a bit in the afternoon I commit my time to working out. Is it more difficult to do at home? No, I think I have been pretty productive.

The next big mission is to avoid snacking. Many, like me, are on furlough too so with little to do snacking can increase. Luckily for me, I have been good in not doing that simply by thinking about the ultimate goal I want to achieve.

Yes, I have had more time to make podcasts, do promo videos, make and update websites etc but the ultimate goal is to keep fit!

Support also goes along way. I admit that I can be difficult, a little bit fussy about eating, but having amazing support is crucial to making this happen. Support helps push you further and it amazing to have that, even if it can be hard to understand why people get like me sometimes!

That said, when I do get back to normal I will continue to push myself, continue to get back in that ring and do the very best I can do and continue to beat goals.

Everyone should have goals right. No matter your age, background or experience, its irrelevant! You can still achieve your goals.

So let’s do this!

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