Want my attention….you got it!

Raphael James you wanted my attention…well guess what…you got it! The time of playing the nice guy is over! and its time for the games to begin. Except, these are games that you dont want to get in to. But since you have been online running your mouth about how you claim your going to […]

The mystery begins…

In my last blog I went off on a tirade about how you should get ready for my ascension and manipulation and well on reflection……this post is gonna be no different! Why? because every single bit of it was true! But before you sit there thinking that its all just words let me reinforce that […]

Introducing the Demon Warriors

Its been a while and a turbulent time thinking of a creative name for our tag team and we have it ‘The Demon Warriors’. Myself and Raphael are getting ready to take the UK tag team division by storm once its safe to do so but make no mistake about it, when I say take […]

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