The mystery begins…

In my last blog I went off on a tirade about how you should get ready for my ascension and manipulation and well on reflection……this post is gonna be no different!

Why? because every single bit of it was true! But before you sit there thinking that its all just words let me reinforce that my words become actions and my dreams become reality.

You see, my quest has begun to capture gold and that means that I wont stop at anything to win and if that means defeating the very best out there, then so be it!

I said it before I am the king of demons and I will use any manipulation I see fit whenever and wherever I want. The fact I am the King of Demons means I know the power of control.

So let me make this message clear to anyone who failed to understand my last blog because its pretty simple really, face me and I will victimise you and manipulate you.

Got it?

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