Speaking out

The last week has been a worrying eye opening week in the world of wrestling. Many brave people have spoken up about the awful experiences they have had. Well done for having the courage to speak up. There is absolutely no excuse for the behaviour some have demonstrated. It’s unforgivable and disgraceful and I feel […]

Get ready….i’m coming!

Whilst social distancing continues, I continue to work my craft. Stepping in the ring, practicing, working, learning, preparing. For so long now, I have teased that the mind games begin, the power of manipulation is coming, the time is coming for me to step up, step in and take control. And now, i’m coming and […]

Face your fears!

I have released more videos which tempt you with a little bit about the character, the atmosphere, the mystery behind me- Jensen Ryan. When I ascend I think you wont know how to handle it, you will be facing your fears, facing your ultimate nightmares. Yes, its been a challenging few months for all and […]

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